Autumn Sales...

 Autumn Sales...

“Should we put our house up for sale now?” A question we are often asked at this time of year. The answer from all estate agents is obviously “YES” (it’s how we make a living). OK, we are biased but consider the facts.

1. You could be in your new home for Christmas.

2. First time buyers are currently being encouraged to enter the market with more generous mortgage products available.

3. There are also many new vendors who have sold their properties over the last few weeks now seeking their new homes and to prove the point, our Company has agreed 147 sales since the beginning of August.

We have noticed over recent years that the market is spread more evenly. We are no longer affected by the Industrial Fortnight when major factories / companies close down and people go away. School holidays are still a factor, but not as much as they used to be.
So, out with the paint pot whilst the weather is good and not too cold, tidy up the drive, lawn and flower borders and make the most of the Autumn Sales before all the mortgage money is eaten up by the new house builders, especially around London.

And finally, wouldn’t it be nice to think that this time next year your new home may be worth more than you paid for it, unlike the 12 month old car on the drive perhaps?